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    "Natural is Beautiful"

    Bhava  Our company name: Bhava Cosmetics. Bhava "The Sanskrit word bhava means earthly existence, being, birth, being, production, origin, but also habitual or emotional dispositions." It means the most used word in the world and the happiest moment.

    Bhava was born to develop exclusive and purest products with only natural ingredients and to make people happy.

    Since we believe that goodness for our skin comes only from nature, we do not use any artificial preservatives and chemical additives that are not organic or not approved by organic certification bodies in Bhava products. We use the highest quality organic or natural ingredients with the importance we give to you and the environment.

    Natural And Organic Content

    Bhava products are produced using natural ingredients, certified organic ingredients and ingredients approved by organic certification bodies. Bhavacosmetics, which does not contain raw materials that disrupt the ecological balance, uses certified organic raw materials that can be found in addition to natural oils, plant extracts and vitamins.

    So Why Should Our Products Be Preferred?

    A woman takes about 2 kg of chemicals from traditional cosmetic products into her body every year. It has been proven by experts that the chemicals taken by the mother during pregnancy directly affect the baby. Start protecting your baby while still in the womb, prefer natural products! In a world surrounded by harmful chemicals, we can at least be sure that the products we put on our skin are 100% natural. Babies are much more sensitive than us, open to external factors, sensitive to artificial and synthetic substances. It does not contain any chemical additives or toxic substances that may put you and your baby at risk. SLS, SLES, ALS (SULFATE), Paraben, Mineral oil, Silicone, Perfume, Coloring and Harmful Chemicals are not used in the skin care products I use for my children.

    Our Philosophy

    Natural is Beautiful.

    We set out believing that life is a miracle. Believing in self-return is actually believing that the lives of plants and animals are a miracle just as we live.

    We strain our bodies as we do to the planet, avoiding understanding its balance and rhythm.

    We know that chemicals that force the skin and go against its nature harm us.

    Inspired by nature, we try to be beneficial to you, nature and our planet by using plants that are good for our skin.

    Our world and all its resources are very valuable to us. BHAVA brand is sensitive to nature, soil, water and all living things. Only environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging is used in Bhava products. Bhava products are made from toxin-free ingredients that are not tested on animals. Bhava products are not tested on animals and contain no animal-tested raw materials

    Our story

    With the recovery of my burning child, the emergence of products that can be beneficial to everyone....

    With its 100% natural and organic ingredients, Turkey's clean, active and effective skin care brand is the story of a mother, who is an educator, while searching for natural medicine for her Burning child and finding a cure for the wound.

    He did it for his burning child! Established his own brand... Can't keep up with orders

    Berivan Cranberry, who lives in Gaziantep, delivers soaps and creams that he produced under his own brand as a result of the training he received after his daughter had a burn on her body, who spilled boiling water about 4 years ago, to customers in many cities. it has become.

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    All of our products are comprised of herbs, plant-based lab-made ingredients and minerals that have a proven track record of safety and efficacy. All of our raw materials are non-GMO, all fixed oils are cold pressed and all essential oils are pure water vapor distillation.

    When creating our products, we try to get as close to the source as possible, take the time to grow and collect the raw materials, or buy directly from local producers and try to get to know the producers and their working processes. Thus, while presenting our products, we enjoy being proud of their freshness and effectiveness.

    "Beyond creating effective products, we want them to be accessible, good for you and good for the planet"

    We work with some small farms, distillation plants and chemistry labs.

    We package our products in non-toxic, easily recyclable glass and use degradable materials. We pack each product with love.



    In addition to daily skin care, the care we take before going to sleep at night is one of the main factors that helps the skin to stay healthy and younger. Getting rid of the tiredness of the day from the skin, dirt, dust, etc. that it is exposed to during the day.

    What Does Lavender Soap Do?

    Lavender soap, which is an indispensable skin care product for those with oily skin, prevents the formation of problems such as acne and acne. This soap, which controls the oil balance of the skin, also helps to dry existing acne. It is seen that it also gives effective results in the treatment of shingles.

    Lavender Essential Oil

    It is pure essential oil obtained by steam distillation from lavender flowers. With lavender oil, which is also known for its relaxing effect, you can add 5-10 drops to 50 ml of fixed oil, and you can make yourself a soothing massage oil with a moisturizing effect. At the same time, you can refresh the air in your living space when you use it with a diffuser and a censer.

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